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Steve Buchanan currently resides in Florida. He is a practical, problem-solving professional. Although retired from full-time auto mechanics and performance diagnostics work, he still loves working on and operating mechanical vehicles.

Tenure On Mr. Mechanic

During his professional career, Steve also produced and hosted the hit radio show known as Mr. Mechanic. The show was Omaha’s longest-running local show and aired on News Radio 1110 KFAB-AM. During the one-hour show, he answered various questions from listeners about cars, car maintenance, and car repairs.

The show began in 1988 and aired on Saturday mornings. Buchanan led the show for more than 25 years, and only rarely did a question stump him. Two guest hosts, who managed his Service Centers, and car expert, Dr. Mark Grabow, also sometimes appeared on the show.

Steve, a self-made entrepreneur, has achieved notable success in diverse business ventures, including a thriving fuel service, an auto mechanic enterprise, and a chain of convenience stores. His journey in business began with a simple vision and sheer determination, leading him to establish these successful enterprises from the ground up. His expertise as an auto mechanic and diagnostician is widely recognized, reflecting his deep understanding and passion for automobiles.

His enthusiasm for mechanics extends beyond his professional life. He finds joy in engine diagnostics and repairs, a hobby that speaks to his lifelong fascination with mechanical systems. His interests also encompass various forms of transportation, particularly those that offer a thrill of speed. He is an avid speedboat driver and an accomplished pilot, reveling in the exhilarating experience of fast travel, be it soaring through the skies or cutting through waves.

Steve Buchanan’s roots trace back to the Midwest. Born in Sioux City, Iowa, he eventually settled in Omaha, Nebraska, where he spent a significant portion of his life. In his retirement years, he chose the serene beachside life in South Florida, enjoying his time surrounded by family and friends.

A committed philanthropist, he has dedicated a substantial part of his life to community service, with a particular focus on healthcare initiatives. While residing in Omaha, he actively contributed to the local Children’s Hospital, a facility renowned for providing comprehensive health care services, including primary, specialty, urgent, and virtual care across Greater Omaha. He also extended his support to the Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha, advocating for animal welfare through education and sanctuary initiatives.

Steve Buchanan


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