Steve Buchanan Florida is a pragmatic and resourceful professional with a passion for tackling challenges. Although he retired from his full-time career in auto mechanics and performance diagnostics, his enthusiasm for working on and operating mechanical vehicles remains undiminished.

Tenure On Mr. Mechanic

During his professional journey, Buchanan carved out a remarkable niche as the host of the renowned radio show Mr. Mechanic. Broadcasting on Omaha’s News Radio 1110 KFAB-AM, the show became a local sensation, offering invaluable insights into car maintenance and repairs. His expertise shone through as he fielded questions from eager listeners for over 25 years, with only occasional queries managing to stump him. Occasional appearances by guest hosts and automotive expert Dr. Mark Grabow added depth to the show’s content.


As a successful entrepreneur, he built a thriving enterprise encompassing fuel, auto mechanic, and convenience store businesses from the ground up. His proficiency as an auto mechanic and diagnostician is unmatched, complemented by his prowess as a pilot and boat captain.


In retirement, Steve Buchanan Florida continues to indulge in his passion for engine diagnostics and repairs, alongside his love for various mechanical transportation modes. Whether speeding across waterways in a boat or soaring through the skies in an airplane, he savors the exhilaration of rapid travel, often enjoying the coastal lifestyle.

Personal Life

Born in Sioux City, Iowa, Steve spent the majority of his life in the Midwest, eventually settling in Omaha for an extended period. Currently, he resides in South Florida, relishing the company of his cherished family and friends.

Philanthropic Efforts

Steve’s generous spirit extends to numerous community organizations, particularly those focused on healthcare services. In Omaha, he dedicated his time and resources to the local Children’s Hospital, supporting its mission of providing comprehensive care to young patients. Additionally, he championed the cause of the Nebraska Humane Society, advocating for animal welfare and education.

In Steve Buchanan Florida’s current residence of South Florida, he lends his support to the Mayo Clinic, headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota. With a century-long legacy of offering healthcare services, the clinic’s Jacksonville campus continues to provide vital care to patients worldwide, embodying his commitment to philanthropy and community welfare.


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